Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bridal Booty Camp! with The Cross Training Company

There are a lot of perks to my job, cake and food tastings, taking home flowers after weddings, just to name a few. So far none has compared to my latest .

Meet Caroline and Jeff, my September Bride and Groom. 

Caroline is an ex-Roar Cheerleader and met her groom while working out at Brooks YMCA, he is a personal trainer. Together they make a disgustingly attractive and fit couple. Not to mention they are also very kind and sweet. Don't let Jeff's exterior fool you, "He is a big ol' Jolly Green Giant" as Caroline likes to say. 

One day when Caroline was over at my office dropping off some decor and going over the inventory and plan with me, we got to chatting about physical fitness because she had just come from the gym. I joked on how I would like to start "Adair's Bridal Booty Camp" in my back yard with my puppies running around. She then mentioned how Jeff, her fiance, is a personal trainer who just started his own Company The Cross-Training Company. She then added that she would work out with me if I tried it and I thought what a great opportunity to not only show my Brides how uncoordinated I am whilst working out but also support my groom! 

Jeff's Gym is of his own design. Licensed and Insured, he runs his company out of his garage completely fitted with all things fitness. What I was mostly interested in was the TRX system. It is based primarily on body weight and strength training. YOU DON'T BULK UP!! I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. So...without further Jeff put Caroline and I through an hour of personal TRX training! 

This is our before picture. 

 Ladies, this exercise is for I fondly refer to as "the bingo" - the triceps. It will kick your butt. 

This is us after..WE SURVIVED!! 

So strong, so silly!! 

Thanks Jeff for capturing these photos as he talked us through this session. He has a special deal for all Daring Events Brides! Give him a call today: 1 (904) 309-3455
For more information check out and "like" his Facebook!

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