Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adrienne and George’s “Pugalishious” Wedding Day!

I always tell my Brides, “there isn’t a wedding day cookie cutter anymore!” I think that Adrienne and George’s wedding day is a prime example of just that! With their pops of pink and grey, Beatles interlude, and not to mention their PUGS, Adrienne and George had a wedding that truly represented them as a couple. 
Adrienne and I met about 5 months before her big day at Palm Valley Gardens. She had everything in place and just needed someone to make it all happen and THAT is my specialty. She began to tell me about all the fun details she had planned and then her eyes started to twinkle when she told me that her “girls” would be included in a big way! 
Her “girls” as they so fondly refer to them are Lolita and Jade Fox, the two sweetest pugs that I have ever seen. They were by their mommas side the entire day while she was getting ready...
During her Bridal session....
And of course had the responsibility to make sure that the Groom made it all the way down the aisle. 
There are some special moments that we shared even before the wedding day, too. As many of you know, I work as the Production Stylist for Jacksonville Wedding Styles Magazine. One of our “concepts” was all about how brides are now wearing shoes that fit more to their personality...well Adrienne is the perfect real life example of that! Her Hubby, George, proposed to her with a fabulous pair of Manolo Blahniks! So she and her shoes will be featured - just look at these puppies! 

And of course, the girls could not be left out of the reception! George and Adrienne made sure that Lolita and Jade Fox we well taken care of and got a lot of attention. So, they made them their own “Pug Lounge” and put it right by the dance floor. 

The girls were pretty much in every detail of their day, including the cake topper! 

One of the best moments of the night had to be when Adrienne grabbed the mic and rapped the ENTIRE “Ice, Ice, Baby” song. It was amazing! 

Congratulations you two! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! 
Just want to say thank you to Scarlett&Stephen for the fabulous photographs! I loved working with you guys. 

Her other vendors include:
Chefs Garden - Catering 
Wehner Weddings - Ceremony Music

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