Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alleycakes Dessert Company - Don't read hungry

I have a problem.

It is very serious.

My name is Adair and I am obsessed with Alleycakes Cake Pops. There. I said it. Honestly, it isn't that big of a secret and soon - her name will not be a secret either.

Alleycakes owner, Alley Webb, is a Jacksonville local. She has always had a love of baking and in 2012 made her love a career. She is so passionate about what she does that it is addicting. After one of her Keylime Cheesecake Cake Pops - you will be addicted, too.

I first met Alley at one of the last PVG weddings. She was the cutest thing, full of energy and excitement. Even offered to come back and help cut the cake later in the evening! Then, I tried her pops. It was like biting into heaven. A little keylime cheesecake flavored cloud and there was no turning back.

If you follow my page on facebook ( you know that I have at least one wedding a weekend so I tend to stay away from sweets. But, friends, I TOOK A DOGGIE BAG HOME OF THESE BAD BOYS!!!

Please contact Alley for all your event or wedding day treats! You will NOT be disappointed!

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