Friday, June 22, 2012

Bridal Trends Forecast | 2012

So get this....I have been predicting some of these trends and so far,  I got all of them right (if I may toot my own horn)! 
  1. Colors = Ombre 
This is the newest and hottest trend when it comes to choosing your wedding colors. The best part about it? You don’t have to worry about coordinating colors...because they are all from the same family!! Check out these pictures for your inspiration: 

2. Centerpieces  = Sequins & Carnations 

Yes my lovies, Carnations have made a comeback! Believe it or not, the reason for this revival is simply because of their crepe petals, strong stems, and ability to provide a bulk appeal without breaking the bank. 

Sequins is another fabulous addition to centerpieces. I am actually incorporating this very trend in a wedding later this year...check out these jumbo sequins! 

3.Decor & Accents = Ribbons & All things Hanging

Right now, anything and everything that a Bride can hang from the ceiling is fair game! There are candles, flowers, curtains, and ribbons OH MY! 

4. Bridal Bouquet = Nontraditional and Nonfloral

We really saw this trend come alive when Miranda Lambert carried a Brooch Bouquet down the aisle. 
Talk about a 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon...The designer of Miranda’s Bouquet, Esty seller The Ritzy Rose, actually designed one for me and Jacksonville Wedding Styles Magazine’s Nautical photo shoot! 

Here is the link to her blog all about us! 
Here are some fabulous pictures from that shoot, taken by the talented Yuliya Callahan

5. Reception food = Around the World Flavors
Start the reception with a tasting of your favorite wines, vodka, or tequila. After that keep the mingling atmosphere with multiple stations from different countries. Egg rolls, sushi, quesadillas, chicken fingers, biscuits and ham, ANYTHING on a stick and your guests will be enjoying the spread on into the night!
There really is no cookie cutter anymore for weddings, stay as traditional as you want or steer away from tradition! The sky is the limit and your wedding is your oyster. A lot of girls may be turned off from being “on trend” for their wedding, but their is nothing wrong with knowing what you like and making it happen! That’s why you have me!

(Thanks to for the main photo clip art. Loved it too much and had to borrow! Here is my props!!) 

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