Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you Pinterest?

These days pretty much EVERYONE (even boys) are on Pinterest. It is a rapidly growing epidemic that is sweeping, what I like to call, the "interwed". - Adj. (enter-wed) - Wedding inspiration gathering sites; blogs, websites, etc.,all done via the internet.  
"That Bride exhausted the Interwed while planning her Wedding."

I personally have a fond relationship with Wedding Gawker.

If you haven't checked it out yet, it is pretty much the bee's knees if bee's had knees. It is the predecessor to Pinterest even though I tend to search and pin from Wedding Gawker to Pinterest. Mainly because and I am sure most of you have found this to be true, when I sign into Pinterest I see 15 of the same pins from all my followers...HOW BORING! So -- I vowed to myself to produce at least 100% of original pins. MEANING, I will pin directly from the source. This also helps with those stickie little copy right infringements. 

I battle with Pinterest all the time. Brides come to me and show me their Pin's and none of them really "match" or are cohesive. They just see something they like and BING they are pinned. Forever clouding and confusing their wedding day vision. Luckily for them, in my Extended Planning Package, I offer them "Pinterest Organization" and their very own pin board that I monitor. What I do is pull from their crazy board of tons of ideas, widdle through the good from the bad, and hopefully give them a better and more concise idea. It's not easy but somebody's gotta do it! 

So if you aren't following me yet -- check it out!

I have included a couple boards of Dairing Events Weddings and Styled Engagement Sessions for your enjoyment! My favorites are always the grouping or inspiration boards that my photographers make!

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