Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing Katie & David Sneed!

In 2011 I had the pleasure of seeing and being a part of two weddings where the bride and I share some special history. 
With Katie, our story started way back at Switzerland Point Middle School. Yes. That far back! When High School came we went our separate ways, I went to Nease and she went to the rival school Bartram Trails. Still with mutual friends we saw each other occasionally. With the fabulous creation of Facebook when we started College, it was easier to keep track of each others lives. 
Years past and as I was Facebook stalking (don’t judge - we all do it) I saw that Katie got engaged in PARIS! Well, I had just started my business and was trying to build my client base so I messaged her to see if I could extend my services. At the time, she was too excited to think and declined. Months went by and I always kept an eye on her page. 
Soon enough, about 2 months before her wedding, I sign into my FB account and I see a message waiting for me. It was from Katie. She had just done her make-up trial with the fabulous Jill Stonier of Ruthless Beauty (who did my make-up for my wedding day) and they just so happened to talk about me and my business. She asked for a little more information about the services I provide, we met up the next week. Katie was a DIY bride at it’s best. Had everything planned out to the “T” but as the months started dragging on...she began to realize that “who was actually going to carry out all these plans?” 
Needless to say, Katie hired me and it was just 
beautiful. There were some hiccups with her DJ not coming through and a week before the wedding I hooked her up with Darren from D’Land Entertainment
I am so glad I got to be a part of her day. It was so special to have known her before personally, to work with her professionally, and now to call her not only a friend but one of my fabulous brides! 
Here are some special moments from her wedding at The Club Continental in Orange Park, Fl. Photography by Cheryl Joy Miner Photography

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