Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jen & Kevin | Love with an Ocean View

It does not happen every day, sometimes it doesn’t even happen every month...but there are the rare occasions that you meet someone that, without explanation, you just connect with. This is how I would describe my relationship with Jennifer. 

After a referral from Craig O’neal, an Officiant and father to one of my previous brides, I met with Jennifer. It was about five months before her big day and she had quite a lot of planning left to do...This was no challenge for me - I love assisting brides with key planning steps, that way I can make sure that 1) The vendors they choose are the “Cream of the Crop” and 2) That I know EXACTLY what to expect on the wedding day. 

Jen is not what I would call your “typical” bride. She was not into the hoopla of weddings like flowers and traditional activities. She was a special bride and a self-proclaimed “never thought I would get married” type. That was until she met Kevin. They are pretty much the perfect example of a yin and yang relationship, the perfect compliment to the other. I did not meet Kevin until closer to the wedding, but I can assure you - he knew about me. Jen and I had way too much fun planning her decor and the timeline for their special day. Along the way even developed our own inside jokes. 

Then came the Wedding Weekend! Just as it is every brides fear...weather was an issue. Thankfully, it was not rain but whipping wind. The ceremony was to take place in the courtyard at the Casa Marina in Jacksonville Beach. Being beachside, there was not much protection from the elements and the wind was not letting up. I knew that this would not be pleasing to my beautiful bride who was waiting anxiously upstairs, getting ready for her special day. Three hours before the ceremony was to begin, it was time to break the news. An outside ceremony was just not in the cards that day. But, all was not lost! We moved the paper lanterns inside and hung them from the chandeliers and the alter decor moved to the tables and everything looked perfect. I explained that with the ceremony being inside, the aisle would start at the stairs and what a dramatic entrance that was for her! She was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!  Of course we had our moments right before hand....as you can see.... I walked her to the stairs and gave one last squeeze to my friend. 

Then she was off to meet her momma at the foot of the stairs to walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams! 

It is rare that I get to hear the entire ceremony and there was not a dry eye in the house, including mine. Jen and I formed a special bond that has now transferred over to friendship. You could tell how much love there was in that room and for those who were there in spirit. Even writing this blog has me a little choked up. I am so glad that I was a part of their day, that I was able to meet Jen’s mom, and to continue being in each others lives since Kevin and Jen exchanged their vows. 

Here are some other special details from their day -- I just so happened to do all the decor and flowers, too! 

Venue: The Casa Marina in Jacksonville Beach, Fl
Make-up: Lia Hanson 
Cake: Cinotti’s Bakery
Photography: Palm Tree Studios
Entertainment: Y? Entertainment

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