Monday, July 23, 2012

Sheri & Tim | Ponte Vedra Beach Wedding

Sheri and Tim had an unlikely beginning. Meeting when they were both servers at Seven Bridges, at first Sheri told me she didn't want anything to do with Tim. 

Well, as we all know now - that didn't last long.

Krystal Blase of West House Photography recommended my services to Sheri and when she and I met for the first time, not only did I know that she was going to be a beautiful bride, but she had picked some fabulous vendors!

I love when a bride really let's me get creative with her theme, taking new ideas of presenting an every day tablescape, different ways to display her colors, and incorporate the couple into the wedding day. Her theme was tropical, with pops of greens and purples, orchids, candle light, and elegance. 

I know I may say this a lot, but I really did just LOVE being a part of Sheri and Tim's wedding day. They were such an amazing couple and I am just so happy to have been there for them. Even though we were a little upset by the impeding didn't stop us from having the ceremony Sheri had dreamed of. 

Venue: Palm Valley Garden 
DJ & Entertainment: Skip Kelly

The fabulous Paulina Perez working her magic! 

After seeing her dress and her in her dress for the first time...I got a little emotional. 

She was just beautiful. 

Instead of having a first look, the couple chose to have a first touch. Such a sweet moment - just inches away and only able to see the others hand. So reassuring. And of course...I'm crying again...

I made this Paper Pom Chandelier to hang in the pitch of her tent. Just as a way to bring more color into the space and to add some drama! I made over 47 different color and size poms to make this bad boy! 

Krystal caught me hard at work, making sure the lights were strung just right - attention to detail!! 

I just loved their wedding party. You could tell just how much they cared about Sheri and Tim, and how much they loved a good time! 

Instead of the traditional Champange toast that is customary during a wedding, this couple opted for a Jagger Bomb shot! Each guest raised their cup to the bride and groom - while they used personalized shot glasses. 

My little nugget caught in action - Can't wait for her wedding this November! 

Yes - this could happen to you, too. But DON'T worry! That is why you get it dry cleaned or have a "Rock the Dress" Sesh!

These late night shots just take my breath away. 

Congratulations you two! xo

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  1. It's such a bummer that the venue was so pretty!