Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stress Relief!

There is no doubt that the process of planning your dream wedding is devoid of stress. It may come from your bridesmaids, your future mother in law, or even (and this may be hard to believe) your fiancé!

But no matter where it comes from there are some sure fire ways to relax, unwind, and take a break! One would be hiring a wedding coordinator, like myself to run interference...I don't mind being the enemy if it means you will be happy. Another way could be a nice long bubble bath. The best way and quite possibly my favorite way to relieve stress would be a nice massage! I know I made a point to have one the week of my wedding, just to be silent, still, and not think about any plans!

Lucky for my Dairing Events brides...I am partnering with a fantastic LMT named Keina Bryant. 

She has been perfecting her craft for 3 years now, has her own line of aromatherapy, and better yet, CAN COME TO YOU! That is right ladies, if you have been hunched over you dining room table tying tiny little pieces of tulle together and filling each one with bird seed, only to stand up and realize you can't move your neck... Keina does emergency house calls for no extra fee!!

Here is a little more about her:

Keina offers an assortment of packages to fit any brides needs and stress/anxiety levels.

Short and Sweet - $400.00 for 5 sessions and $20.00 Emergency Calls

The Traditional - $800.00 for 8 sessions and FREE Emergency Calls

“I have a large family” - $960.00 for 12 sessions  and FREE Emergency Calls

Every thirty minute session is 40.00 of deep tissue relief!

Make sure you call and set up an appointment with her ASAP! 

How to get in contact with Keina:
Office Number: 904-339-5068 
Website is www.kbryantlmt.com
Email is kbryantlmt@gmail.com

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