Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Stewart's | Ribault Club Wedding

Sarah & Chance - Their Happily Ever After

So - we need to begin this post with a background story. Just goes to show just how small of a world we really live in. Chance, my groom, and his family bought and built their family home on property right next door to my childhood home in St. Augustine, Fl. My brother and I used to tramp through the woods to the Stewarts' and play in the dirt piles while they were building. Sarah's older sister, Melissa, dated my older brother back in high school and she and I were really good friends. Then of course life happened, we lost touch, years went by, and then one day I got a message from Sarah on Facebook. She and I never really knew each other well despite spending the night at her house countless times. She had just gotten engaged to Chance and was interested in hiring me for my "Venue Selection Service". We went to a couple of different venues and it never was the right fit. Then I stumbled upon the Ribault Club and the second I saw it I KNEW it was the one. Sarah's family is from Canada and shortly after we started working together, Sarah's Mom and Dad moved back to Montreal for work. So, we then decided that she needed more help and I began planning her entire wedding along side my beautiful bride. 

Just a few months into us planning all of the details, vendors, etc. Sarah's mom suffered a debilitating stroke. At that moment I became more than Sarah's Wedding Planner, I became her support system. We put the wedding planning on hold and focused on family. It was a very sad time, but luckily her mom soon progressed in rehabilitation and we geared back up. Sarah never really let on just how concerned and saddened she was, completely selflessly offered to make the wedding a smaller family affair, what ever she could do to make it easier on both of her parents. I even called her Dad a couple times (Sarah never knew until right now when she reads this) and we talked about how we would make Sarah's wedding just what she would have wanted and how Suzanne, her mom, would want as well) I even talked with her amazing future mother-in-law on the phone. We all cared about Sarah so much and her happiness and they all expressed that they didn't want this to cloud her vision for their special day. It made me feel so warm inside that I could be that for not just Sarah but for her family as well. 

Even though it was a rough beginning, we definitely had a great time planning together. Sarah and I talked almost twice a day every day, using a iPhone app called "HeyTell". We emailed constantly and chatted about anything and everything. Nick thought at one point she and I talked more than I talked to him! (Which was probably true)  The days started speeding by and soon it was the night of the rehearsal dinner. We went to Marker 32 on Beach Blvd and if you haven't been - you need to. Right now. Stand up, get your keys and go. 
Sarah, Melissa, and her bridesmaids said something to me that night that I will never forget. As I was about to leave, I went to say good-bye to my Bride. She and her bridesmaids were laughing and crying going over the anticipation for the next day. When I walked over Sarah turned to me and took my hand. She told me how thankful she was for me to have been there for her over the past year, then the bridesmaids chimed in and reitterated explaining how they would offer to help and Sarah would say - "Oh no, Adair has it under control!", then Melissa told me how grateful she was that Sarah had me there through the rough times with her mother, and that was when Sarah told me "Adair, you were like my Mom". I started BALLING my eyes out. That was the best compliment I have ever gotten in my life. Sarah, you are a special woman and I am so glad to know you.

 Congratulations to you and Chance! 

Needless to say, Sarah's wedding day was AMAZING. Every detail was exactly how we had envisioned it. From the beautiful draping at the ceremony to the draping over the dance floor. Her guests and family were blown away. What made the day even better was the love you could feel for the bride and groom. 

Thank you to Cheryl Joy Photography for the beautiful photographs and:

Catering: The Perfect Pear
Cocktail Service: Catered Cocktails
Dress: Alfred Angelo
Tux Rentals: Michael's Formalwear
Flowers and Decor: Kelley's Bloom Room
Rentals: Beachview Event Rentals
Band: Little Green Men
Ceremony Harpist: Stephanie Turner
Make-up: Jill Stonier 

Sarah got her beautiful bridesmaids these custom dresses for their gift. They stayed comfy all day while getting ready! 

This little guy stole the show!

Their wedding was also Cinco de Mayo -- of course the groomsmen had to show off in sombreros! 


These two pictures are the reason why every bride should invest in uplighting and a great band! 

At the end of the night, Sarah and Chance rode off into the night in a vintage Rolls Royce, the perfect getaway! 

I just love this shot! 

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