Tuesday, August 14, 2012

graceMasonry by Erin Tackett

Not only do I have the most beautiful Brides - they are undeniably talented! 

Let me introduce you to Erin, my December Bride, she is the owner and designer of:

grace: n, Simple elegance or refined movement. v, Do honor by someone's presence.

mason: n, A person who dresses stones. v, Build from or strengthen with stone.

She describes her jewelry as  simple.southern.graceful.  and it is just that. GraceMasonry is a handmade jewelry shop on Etsy. Erin was inspired by the beautiful city of Saint Augustine, Florida - where she lives :) 

 Please check out her Etsy Shop:


& her Facebook:

I am honored to have my very own pair of earrings - Here is the "Adair" 

"These earrings are named after one of the major players in my upcoming wedding, Adair Currie! She is my wedding planner and has played a huge part in organizing my wedding and really making it beautiful and perfect.

This earrings are perfect for the bride looking for bridesmaids gifts. The silver matches everything and they are dainty enough to compliment any dress!"

Aren't the BEAUTIFUL!! 

Here are some of her fabulous pieces, she makes necklaces, earrings, bracletets, hair ties, and can customize them all! 

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