Friday, October 5, 2012

Alternative Bachelorette Nights & Bridal Parties

Depending on the Bridesmaid that throws this "Hen" night for the Bride, she may have her own idea of what may be a "fun night". Gone are the days of liquour filled follies, hang overs, and chippendales {even though they still exsist and at times we cannot help ourselves}. I know that one of my sweet Bridesmaids threw me a Lingerie Shower which was the perfect combonation of sultry and PG-fun. We drank {copious amounts of} Cosmos, ate sugary treats, her famous brie oncrute, and indulged in some lingerie games!

 Even though I had a great time - this may not appeal to all Brides-to-be. In my signature list style, here are my top ideas for a new way to celebrate the end of singlehood!

1. A private yoga or excersize class - What a better way to get rid of those pre-wedding gitters and anxious tingles than a total zen experience! Focus on your breathing and get re-connected with soul center. There are some wonderful studios in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine that you can visit - call and see if you can arrange a private class for you and your girls!


2. A Teaparty - a la Elementary school. Big hats, tea pots, tiny sandwiches and cookies.

3. LUSH - I recently descovered this wonderful shop and I LOVED IT! Unfortunately, there isn't a shop close to us :( But, there are some wonderful alternative resources you can try.

4. Ceramic or Canvas Art Class - GET CREATIVE!! How much fun would it be to learn something new and have a souvenir from the night other than a hang over?! There are a few ceramic shops in Jacksonville but what I really want to do is learn how to paint! At "Yes you Canvas!" they do exactly that - give you step by step instruction to make your very own masterpiece! You can have parties there, bring in your own food and wine!

5. Pajama Breakfast Social - One of my all time favorite memories of childhood was when I would get together with my girlfriends and we would have a slumber party! Why don't we still do that? Camp out in the living room in sleeping bags, stay up late watching movies our parents didn't want us to watch, eat ice cream, wake up late? Well - I am bringing it back! Throw a Bridal Sleepover/Breakfast Social. It is an excuse to wear cute pajamas and be silly with your bridesmaids and friends.


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