Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chad and Rebeccah | Jacksonville Wedding Planner

Rebeccah was a very special bride to me for a couple different reasons. One, she was the very first bride I booked when I started Your Wedding Weekender last February. Second, Rebeccah and I met our very first year at the University of North Florida -- she was my next door neighbor in the dorms. There are quite a few stories I could tell about the year 2006...but none that are appropriate for my blog and for that matter, to ever be repeated again! Her roommates and I became really close over that year. We would go to Walmart at 2:00 in the morning for nonsense items and wind up sitting in oversized flower pots and lounging in the beanbags. After our Freshman year we lost touch a bit, I moved off campus and so did she. 

Now, for her wedding. Beccah is not your normal bride. She was really relaxed, laid back, not worried about anything. I actually had to ask her questions about getting things done on her checklist! She has her hands full already with her son, Liam and her other “child” Chad. 

Her wedding took place on the Mayport Naval Base and it was the perfect weekend! The weather couldn’t have been better for her outside Gazebo wedding. Inside we had stunning centerpieces and an assortment of cupcakes from Cinotti’s for dessert. 

I loved being a part of their day. So many special moments between them and the merging of the two families...& the beginning of their own! Beccah texted me about 2 months before the wedding and asked if I have ever had a pregnant bride! 

Here are some great shots by J. Halstead Photography from their day! 

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