Friday, January 25, 2013

Wouldn't it be "" -- well it should be!

To me as a Wedding Planner there are certain words that make me cringe. The main one you ask?
... "the 'P' word"

In comes and it is like the Bridal Heavens have opened and shone down on me. Daily I bask in the rays of the beauty on the main pages. Well maybe I am being a little dramatic...But STILL!! If you haven't discovered  yet -- where in the world have you been?!? To me it is the end all, be all of wedding inspiration. No more are we in a world of the same picture {over and over and over and "OMG I gots to do this one...hehehe" -comments} or unidentifiable resources! Thanks to the fabulous Kellee Khalil and her amazing team, they have created and PERFECTED, the {in my opinon} #1 Resource for Brides-to-be. 

Want to know why I love it so much? 

1. It is all color coordinated. PERIOD. 

Seriously, you can just click a color and go!

2. Saving and Sharing your Bundels is EASIER than ever! 

3. They have their own Personal Style Quiz to help you find the right inspiration for your Wedding! 

4. I got to meet Kellee herself and her team at the HQ in New York! 

I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I was walking up to this door ---

 They just moved to their new Office a little over two months ago and are still settling in, but I got the full tour and the "methods behind the madness"!!

I just loved chatting with Kellee and Annette! Wish I could have stayed longer, but I know that it won't be my last trip to see these beautiful ladies :) 

(Of course Kellee and I decided to have a mini photo shoot in front of her heart wall!!)

My very own swag, a note pad and a long list of restaurants I need to try!

Before I left, I showed the team the best Youtube video EVER. 

Chatroulette - Call Me Maybe:

you're welcome. 

Thanks again, Ladies :) 

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