Monday, October 14, 2013

Dairing Bride Rocks PARIS!

Recently, my sweet Dairing bride, Ginny went on an adventure; with three of her girlfriends, her favorite wedding photographer, J’adoreStudios, and all four of their wedding dresses!

They went to the city of LOVE, and let me tell you, they ROCKED PARIS!!

For as long as Ginny could remember, she dreamed about someday going to Paris in her wedding dress. So when she met and married Thomas, who’s from Germany, she was already one step closer. When she got married here in Jacksonville, Liz from J’adore Studios told her that she was coming to Europe and she wanted her to meet her in Paris for a "Rock the Dress". Of course, Ginny said yes!

So as Ginny thought about it the months leading up to the shoot, she realized that she not only wanted this experience for herself, she wanted to make it a trip of a lifetime, by sharing it with three of her friends who grew to mean so much to her. As they all live in Germany, away from their families, they became like sisters. They each had just gotten married within a month or so of each other, back in their own home countries, so most couldn’t attend each other’s weddings. Ginny felt this was the perfect way for them all to be brides together and share a moment that was special.  

A special thanks to Aline Macouin for hair & makeup. 

As Ginny says, “These are my Sister-Brides”

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