Monday, October 28, 2013

Preppy Glam {A Dairing Sweet 16} | Jacksonville Event Planner

I am pretty sure everyone has seen MTV's Super Sweet 16 -- Teens bossing their parents around and making obscene demands to make their party "the. best. ever." Well, that was NOT my experience while working with Lauren and her sweet Mother planning the ULTIMATE Sweet 16 at The Friday Musicale on September 14th. I have never met a 15 year old woman with such poise, as Lauren has. It is no doubt that her demeanor played a key role in why her parents wanted to celebrate her so "lavishly". When I would speak to her on the phone, sometimes I would forget that she was still in High School! I just adored creating exactly what Lauren had imagined for her birthday celebration! We coined the theme "Preppy Glam" with mixing gold glitter and sequins, with pops of pink and navy! I am sure you will agree that this party was just that! 

Catering- S&A Events 
DJ- John Brandon
Photo Booth- Smiley Face Photobooth 
Furniture & Rentals- Beachview Tent Rentals 
Sequin Linens- La Tavola 
Monograms- Ten23 Designs 
 LED Coffee Table- Mark Grandin Events 
Uplights & Draping - Balloon Construction Company
Design, Floral, and Coordination- Dairing Events
Invitation - Heather O'Brien Design

I just LOVED the invitation suite that Heather O'Brien created to completely capture the vision we had for Lauren's party! 

This table top monogram was the perfect addition to the table decor ~ Thank you Ten23 Designs

Cotton Candy & Sprite served as favors
From the Birthday Girl

"I've wanted to have a big Sweet Sixteen since I was little. I've always loved fashion and the stereotypical "southern prep" so that's basically what I went off of: the nautical navy and hot pink preppy style (minus the anchors of course). I also ADORE glitter so, I knew the gold glitz had to be included:) Overall, the party was above and beyond what I ever dreamed about when I was little. Everything was so perfect down to the simplest things. I especially loved the flower arrangements, the photo booth, the glittery pink monograms, and, of course, the fabulous cake! About the beautiful Adair Currie, my mom had mentioned a couple months back, before the commencement of the party planning, that to have the experience go smoothly we were going to find an event planner. So we went to google (lol) and she was at the top of each and every list for extraordinary wedding coordinators in Jacksonville. My Mother and I then went to her website, just to get a feel for her and the work she does. Realizing she doesn't just plan weddings, we called her right away and I am SO glad we did. She made the evening so wonderful and I am so blessed to have had her be a part of my special day."


  1. Wonderful design work you did and what an adorable client!!

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  3. Without music people present in the event starts feeling boring due to which a negative image develops for the event organizer. event planner phuket

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