Monday, November 11, 2013

Dairing Gift Idea | Wedding Invitation Keepsakes by Laura Cruz

I recently came across the perfect wedding gift, it truly is one of a kind and so special for couples who really put a lot of thought and love into designing their wedding invitations. This lovely artist is from Jacksonville and creates art on top of a couples wedding invitation. I reached out to Laura in order to learn more about her and her designs.

Laura Cruz

I started creating Wedding Invitation Keepsakes out of the desire to find the perfect gift for my dear
cousin, something that wasn’t on a registry, something that wasn’t expected; something that would be remembered. Her beautiful invitation, that I knew took time, thought, and MONEY to create, arrived in the mail but left in me a hollow feeling. What would I do with it once the wedding was over? Leave it on the refrigerator forever? Stick it in a drawer? Close my eyes as I recycle it? I checked out my cousin’s registry and was uninspired by all the “stuff” and really wanted to give her something that would MEAN something.

Her registry listed useful items, but I wanted to give her something that would represent all of the love and excitement that went into the big day! So, inspired by her invitation, I drew a yellow and orange veined orchid, a flower I knew she chose for her bouquet, directly on the invitation. I mounted it and framed it and it was a hit! It now graces their mantel at home to brighten their day. From far away it looks like a piece of art and when you get closer it’s so much more. I got a great response from the next few that I created for friends and family until it was expected that if I was mailed an invitation, the couple would receive a one-of-a-kind work of art…and so Laura Cruz Creations was born.

Now I have the great fortune to custom design Wedding Invitation Keepsakes for brides and their
friends who want to do something wonderfully unique and meaningful. It is such a joy to work with
people to create something unique. I love finding out the details of the wedding, the colors and themes,
the bouquets and the wedding locations. I had a client whose niece was getting married in a little red
barn, so I looked up the website and incorporated the actual barn design into the background of the
invitation keepsake; it is still one of my favorites. Whether you are a bride looking for a memento for
your own wedding or a thank you gift for your parents, a dear friend or family member searching for
a one-of-a-kind gift, or husband looking for a anniversary gift, please look no further, your Wedding
Invitation Keepsake is waiting to be created.

Wedding Invitation Keepsakes come with your choice of flower, design, color, and theme. The art
work comes framed to complement the overall look. I’ve also extended my line to include baby
announcements and BABY invitation keepsakes, for the next step down the road. Please check out my
line and custom watercolor botanicals on my Facebook or visit my Etsy Shop

Laura Cruz Creations is located in Jacksonville - I’m Local and Loving it!


  1. Thanks so much to Adair at Dairing Events for sharing my Wedding Invitation Keepsakes. I am so pleased to be able to share my artwork with all of your fans and clients. Thanks to Ginny for helping make the post look great! Please 'Like' me on FB, LOVE me on Etsy, shoot me an email at or go old fashion and call me for a consultation! 904-595-6035

  2. That's a really great wedding gift idea. Truly one of a kind, different from the usual gifts couples receive. Love all the drawings on the wedding invitations. Those are truly work of art and a labor of love.

  3. its a beautiful design fro wedding card i lik the flower wedding card i lik to get the mode in mobile fr planning wedding in app thank for share