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3rd Period: Capture the Moment with Brooke Images Photography | Dairing Bride Academy Vendor Spotlight

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1. Tell us a little more about You & Greg, how did you come up with the name {Brooke Images}?

First off, we are a Husband & Wife Photography Team that specializes in natural light. The name, Brooke Images, comes from my middle name {Ashley}, Brooke! There isn't a "real story" or reason why we chose that name, we just liked the way it sounded! We have been shooting weddings full time since 2007 and we love what we do! 

2. How is being a Husband & Wife team affect the way you capture a wedding day?

It is extremely helpful to be a husband and wife team and especially on the wedding day. Not only do we understand what the Bride and Groom are feeling, we can also show them what types of actions they should do while we photograph them. For instance, I am so comfortable with showing our clients how they should put their faces close, kiss, and touch, with Greg because he is my Husband ~ I think it makes our clients feel more comfortable, too. By just looking at the other person, we can tell what needs to be shot and where each of us needs to be during ceremonies and receptions. That helps a lot especially because ceremonies are quiet times and we do not want to be disruptive. 

3. Where were you working before you started Brooke Images Photography?

After college, we both went on a so called "Career Path". Unfortunately, that didn't work so well for us. I worked as a stock photography producer and Greg worked in services for the Convention and Visitors' Bureau. We weren't able to spend a lot of time together and Greg wasn't into the whole cubicle thing, so we started using our photography skills to build a small company. Seven years later, here were are and we couldn't be happier! We spend a ton of time together and work for ourselves. 

4. Describe your Wedding Photography style in less than 5 adjectives:

Laid-back, Timeless, & Fun

5. What is one trend that you love seeing at weddings and one that you wish Brides would give up?

Not sure if this is a trend, but we love to see when Brides do their own thing. Weddings are not supposed to be anything in particuluar, they are 100% customizable. We love when Brides make their wedding their own and do not stick to traditional elements just because they are "supposed to." If you want to do and exit or a garter and bouquet, do them because you want to and not because that's what everyone else does. If we had to choose, we would say that asking your photographer to replicate photos from Pinterest is the trend we like the least. It's okay to give your photographer examples of shots that you like, but asking them to copy a photo is basically taking away their creativity! Our clients hire us for the work we have done, not for the work that they have seen on Pinterest. 

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&& just for fun, here are some more beautiful shots from Weddings Greg & Ashley have shot together!  

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