Tuesday, April 29, 2014

3rd Period : Get in Focus with CollabCreation | The Dairing Bride Academy Vendor Spot Light

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1. Tell us a little more about CollabCreation, who makes up the team and how you started?

CollabCreation Films is a company that prides itself on more then just our video work.  When we are hired to film a wedding we go into full customer service mode.  We want nothing more then to take care of the couple on what is going to be a crazily busy day for them.  CollabCreation Films has over 10 years on history in the wedding business.  We started in Orlando in 2003 and moved the company to Jacksonville in 2009.  Jacksonville is where we were from and we really wanted to showcase  our work to our hometown brides.

2. What particular moments are your favorite over the course of a Wedding Day?

Our favorite part of the wedding day is the pre ceremony portion.  I love watching the different levels of anticipation of the couples as the time gets closer and closer.

3. How would you describe your Videography style?

I would describe our videopgraphy style as "Emotionally driven cinematic storyteller's".  We take pride in the way we shoot, edit and tell your story for the highest impact of your finished video.  

4. If you were to make a blooper reel, what moment that you’ve captured would make us laugh the most?
It would have to be dancing.  We have seen people fall (nobody got hurt), knock people over and even take out a beverage server.  

5. What is one wedding trend that you have enjoyed Brides incorporating in their wedding day, and what is one trend that you want them to forget!?

The trend that we are the biggest fan of is the First Look.  I know that goes against a traditional wedding day event but it makes for beautiful video and photo opportunities.  The trend that we wish would go away is the "interviewing" of guests.  That was popular in the 80's and is starting to creep back into the requests of  our clients.  Lets let that trend stay in the 80's!

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