Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Navigate Social Media with Emily | Dairing Bride Academy Vendor Spotlight

We have had a happy switch in the line-up! Let me introduce to you, my new friend Emily, owner of Emily Grace Design & Oh Deer Creative. She is contributing those fabulous little gold sequin hangers to the event and I am so happy to now have her as one of our Educators! She will be tackling "Navigating through Social Media" and being the creative blogger & designer, she is bringing a wealth of knowledge to the Dairing Bride Academy!

Introduce Yourself! 
I'm Emily Waters, the lady behind Emily Grace Design and Oh Deer Creative. I have been working in the wedding industry for over 5 years both in New York City and throughout Central Florida. 

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration all around me, and even in the smallest details of life. Whether it be from shop windows, quiet walks outside, my own person experiences, or creative accidents, I try to bend the rules in terms of design and create something that stands out in a beautifully artistic way. I love taking unexpected items, and creating meaningful artwork for my clients in a way that tells their story. My biggest inspiration when designing a wedding or custom details comes from the love story and personalities of my clients. I thrive on the fun challenge of taking a client's story, drawing inspiration, and making it come to life through the style of their wedding.   

Why Oh Deer Creative?
The roots of Oh Deer Creative came from my love of hand-written notes, thank you cards, and words of encouragement. I chose to play off the salutation of "Dear" and give it some character, a face (our cutie buck logo), and a little quirkiness. I love playing off the deer in many of our designs, and it makes it a little more fun. 

The products of Oh Deer Creative were born out of having a greater desire to bring bold and beautiful wedding details to brides-to-be that might not be able to bring on a full design team for their wedding. ODC has grown from being a home base for small wedding details like table numbers, signs, and hangers, to offering a larger selection of items that encourage, inspire hope, and bring joy. It has been a way for me to experiment with details and design, and bring passion and meaning to what I create.

What Blogs do you visit on a daily basis?

I feel like my blog rounds really depend upon my mood that day. What am I craving? What is my focus at the moment? And what do I need that will inspire me? I love Every Last Detail because Lauren is so real with brides and vendors, and is great at breaking down barriers and misconceptions. I also love 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, Inspired by This, and Every Last Detail for plain 'ole pretty pictures and bright, bold, fun wedding design.

Lately I've been more into my Instagram feed to bring me those snippets of inspiration. I'm an on the fly kind of gal, so I love how quickly I can find what's speaking to me that day, and in turn target blogs through my Instagram feed. I also love She Reads Truth for my daily dose of encouraging words to motivate and inspire me to greatness.

For what is trending now in Weddings, what do you love and what do you want left behind?
Bright, Bold, Fun design is my jam (this shouldn't surprise you)! This is a wedding trend that sings the song of my heart, and I hope it will hang around for a long time. What is more gorgeous than bold colors, unique flowers in free-flowing arrangements, patterns, textures? I just can't help myself!
However, I'm ready to help burlap and baby's breath see it's way out the door. There are definitely amazing ways to incorporate these trends into your wedding design, but I'm just ready for the next big thing to make it's way in.

To you, what is the most important Detail a Bride could incorporate into her wedding?
Personality, character, and a sense of self! I adore brides who come to the table with the desire to have a wedding that totally represents the love that she and her fiance share. Totally customized and personalized ceremonies that speak to the core of a marriage. Design that focuses on what's important, and what matters most. This is by far the most important detail that can be represented at your wedding.
If I had to pick a specific detail, I'll have to go to the practical and say an escort display. There are so many unique options that can be created, but it's function is so incredibly important to ensure a smooth transition into the reception and far less confusion for your guests. 

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