Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Shoe-Day! |Bridal Footwear Inspiration

There are a few "mantras" that I tend to live by, my favorite though has to be:

I mean, let's be real! 

That is why, on "Tuesday Shoe-Day" I would like to share all the fabulous footwear that some of the Dairing Brides have chosen to don on their Wedding Day! Just like how each Bride is different ~ so are their choice of shoe!! Some are flats, healed, sparkly, or blue! A reflection of their personal style hidden at times by tulle. 


To start off this blog, I thought I would share the two pairs that I wore on my Wedding Day! With my wedding gown I wore a pair of sensible bone colored heels, a little vintage looking {above}, but for the party ~ I swapped dresses and shoes! Slid on these ruffled & purple babies to hit the dance floor! 

Now for my Dairing Brides and their personal style!
& Let's not forget about the lovely girls standing next to the Bride! 
Even the Bridesmaids get in on the fun!!
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