Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cultivate Retreat | Wedding Professionals Conference

I can't believe it has been a week since I returned home for one heck of an inspiring weekend in Jekyll Island, Georgia. August 10th - 12th, I attended the Cultivate Retreat hosted by Cassie Cherneski, owner of Flaire Weddings & Events. It was a three day workshop, filled with speakers, swag, and amazing breakout sessions! 

Sometimes, even as creative wedding professionals, we need a recharge. Step out of our comfort zone, leave the city we love and work in, and allow for an experience to break us down to the foundation of why we started doing what we do in order to build us back up, bigger and better than before. That is exactly what Cultivate was for me. After hosting my own workshop, The Dairing Bride Academy, I can see exactly how beneficial this structure can be. The line-up of speakers were some of the top vendors in their respected industries. Not only were they uber inspiring, but so humble, letting us create a "open forum" and ask questions as we had them! I learned so much from these ladies and also formed some wonderful friendships that I hope to continue to cultivate {pun totally intended} 

You can see all the fun we had on our instagram HERE

{Click on these ladies names to learn more about their amazing businesses} 

1) I brought my wonderful "momager" with me for the weekend, so we started off our day with a little Bellini in the Jekyll Island Club Cafe.  2) Rhi brought us doughnuts so I had to style my table with some Cultivate Goodies and my name card by House of Moira 3) Shea Hopely Blooms. Need I say more. 4) Cassie herself, introducing the weekend!

1 & 2) I was absolutely blown away by all the tablescapes from the weekend. From centerpieces to linens {provided by I Do Linens}, to the delicious food! 3) I normally don't eat French Toast but I am so glad I did eat this dish. I practically licked my plate 4) Valerie, owner of Sapphire Events in New Orleans quoted Lizzie from Real Housewives OC. If you check out my instagram page, Lizze actually LIKED MY PICTURE!! Whatttt!! 

1) I Do Linens perfection, once again! with the gorgeous centerpiece provided by Simply Yours Weddings 2) Crane Cottage courtyard where we had dinner on night two. Could you imagine hosting your reception here? 3) The Jekyll Club. 4) Lauren Grove gave out little cards of inspiration and I played with some blooms from Shea Hopely! 

1) I Do Linens + Set Rentals + Harper Gray Event Maker = Perfection. 2) DJ Jacob Towe demonstrating his savvy skills and enviromental projection 3) One breakout session I attended was to learn how to make a floral halo with Shea Hopely 4) see 1. (with Shea Hopely florals)

1) My morning "dump" after returning home after Cultivate! Loved seeing my name in calligraphy 2) Blondie, the Dairing mascot {you can follow her on Blondie_Dog} 3) Shay Cochrane's breakout was all about staging photos to benefit business - I stole this opportunity to make a pretty picture of my name in calligraphy with yummy blooms 4) Corinna Hoffman, who was our photographer for the weekend, captured this photo of me with my finished product! 
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