Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Consider a Rose Petal Toss!!

Okay my sweet planning Couples, it's time for full disclosure. My name is Adair Currie and I do not like sparkler exits. But wait!! Don't judge me yet, let me explain first! At a recent wedding, an unfortunate moment occurred, I was spanked by a very intoxicated guest, with a lit sparkler. Not only did it not feel good, but I now have a burn hole in one of my favorite dresses. I sometimes think that Brides forget that Sparklers are fireworks and their beauty comes from open flame. Giving a very intoxicated guest license to act like a child around your family and more importantly your gorgeous gown that you spend many thousands of dollars on, isn't the wisest decision. No matter how much direction and coaxing I give before I even light the first stick, I always see flame too close to the Bride & Groom, their hair, their clothes, and honestly, on the ground that they are about to walk over. 

So, Pinterest hasn't offered you any other ideas for a fun and beautiful exit? I am here to tell you that there is a superior option and that is the Rose Petal Toss! It is soft, beautiful, and best of all, it isn't dangerous! Check out these Dairing Couples who opted to have their guests shower them with romantic rose petals!

You can make an entrance into your Reception have that extra WOW factor! 

Maybe even be showered with soft rose petals as you walk back down the aisle as Husband & Wife!

And, of course, they are the perfect way to be sent off at the end of the night! 

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