Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Showering my little Dairing Baby

It isn't my usual practice to share personal events on my blog, but this is a special circumstance! Now that my little earth angel is here, I have been pouring over the months leading up to her birth and feeling super nostalgic.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most amazing friends a girl {and baby} could ask for. In the months leading up to the arrival of our little babe, these girls showered me with so much love I could barely handle it! No really, I walked in and was completely overwhelmed. Not only did the guest list include some of my closest friendors, but the theme was one that really reflected my personality. The most perfect garden-inspired took place at one of the hostesses' house, my sweet friend and Web Designer, Jessie Preza {}. She and my right hand lady, Angie LeRoy who runs the DE out in Houston, Tx, pulled out all the stops to make me and the little cub in my belly feel so special! 

Meredith Woodard - Musical Styling
Coastal Celebrations - Rentals
Balloon Construction Company - Balloons & Draping
AlleyCakes - Desserts
Jessie Preza - Photography

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