Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking back on a Dairing 2015!

It has always been my practice to get one new agenda each year, a full year calendar, where I have little squares to fill in for what I am doing on any given day. I treat it almost like a diary and tonight I am looking back at all the dogeared pages, scribbles, and notes in the margins. From consultations with new Brides to Baby related appointments at the OBGYN. It seriously has been a year for the history books! 

This year, the Dairing Events team assisted 14 special couples, traveling to Orlando, Gainesville, and at home,  walk down the aisle to say I do. We held the second Dairing Bride Academy in Orlando this February, I welcomed my sweet little girl into the world this August, and celebrated the beginning of the Holiday Season with Swoozies! 

2015, you have been such a memorable year - 2016, I bet you can top it! 

Meredith & Jeff
est. January 2015

Elizabeth & Richard
est. March 2015

Caroline & Brad
est. March 2015

Kristen & Paul
est. March 2015

Jessica & Jonathan 
est. March 2015

Cassidy & Ed
est. April 2015

 Esther & Matt
est. April 2015

 Diana & Dave
est. May 2015

Candice & Chad
est. June 2015

Adair Lucille Currie
born, August 14, 2015

Dairing Events deisgned the beautiful florals for Laura & Carlos' big day in September...just 5 weeks after Baby C was born. This was our first big outing without the baby and I danced away the night which caused some serious blisters the next morning.

Jenn & Ian 
est. October 2015

Layne & Phil
est. October 2015

Ashley & Kris
est. October 2015

Alisha & Mike
est. November 2015

Carli & Addison
est. November 2015

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