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Sarah & Tracy | Saint Augustine Wedding Planner

I have decided that my 2016 resolution, when it comes to blogging, is that you should hear more from the Bride herself, rather than me, when it comes to retelling the love story and sharing all the happy memories that were made on their Wedding Day! 

So, let me introduce you to my first couple to say I Do! in 2016 on January 2nd at The White Room in St. Augustine. 

Here is the little "Miss to Mrs." Interview with Sarah:

How long was your engagement and can you tell us a brief snippet of the proposal story?

Our engagement was just over a year. Tracy proposed December 16, 2014 and we were married January 2, 2016 - 2015 was a year of planning. Here is the story we had for our website; On the morning of December 16, 2014, Tracy said goodbye to Sarah, telling her he had a full day worth of work. In reality, what he had planned was anything but work. First, to the florist to pick up flowers. Then, to the store to pick up luminary supplies. Finally, to his parents house. There, he would spend the next 4 hours filling and arranging the luminaries and adorning his parents backyard in white lights. Everything was ready. 

That evening Tracy rushed Sarah to get ready, they were already late for dinner (nothing out of the ordinary). Sarah thought they were going to the Shackelford's for an early Christmas dinner with both of their families. Once they got there, Tracy had to step out for a 'work call'. Under the guise that she was looking at new Christmas decorations, she was led to the back deck. What she found was Tracy on one knee; amongst one hundred luminaries, asking her to marry him. A verbal "yes" was never confirmed, but based on Sarah's reaction the answer was quite clear. After the exciting and emotional proposal, many congratulations, and lots of love, the newly engaged couple enjoyed the rest of the night celebrating with family!

What was your favorite part of the planning process? 

My favorite part of the planning process was spending that time with my mom. We have very different styles and she was so excited and helpful to make my wedding exactly how I envisioned it. She was always there to support and encourage me. We have always been close but I feel like getting married made us friends.

How did you determine the perfect vendors for you? 

Tracy and I wanted to use as many local vendors as we could, even my dress was locally made. We wanted to feel a connection with everyone contributing to our day. I feel it spoke volumes the day of, the love and care everyone put into their work was evident.

 What were the most important planning elements to you? 

For me, the most important planning element was the photography. Everyone says what a blur the day becomes so I wanted to make sure it was well captured. We clicked with Liz and Mike, they made everything so comfortable.

Who designed your gown and what other pieces were part of your bridal arettilie?

 I worked with Daniel Thompson Bridal in St. Augustine to design my wedding dress. I wore Alexander Wang heels, wedding rings from Village Jeweler, and family jewelry

Just take a look at Sarah primping in the bridal suite at The White Room, the full look, veil, skirt, dress. She was a radiant bride to say the least!

 What was the best part of your day? 

I feel like I should say 'marrying my best friend' or something like that (and that is true) but there is one point of the day that really sticks for me. I was so nervous waking up the day of the wedding. I, unfortunately, was sick with Bronchitis and worried about feeling my best. I had such anxiety about the day, I knew it was going to be a long one. 

I was sitting up stairs in the beach house with my bridesmaids, we were getting our makeup done (I have to give so much props to my makeup artists, Maureen and Carrie, btw they were so kind and professional!! I really enjoyed working with them). I was trying to mediate to relax when I heard the door downstairs open and Tracy's voice call out to someone - it was so cheerful and clamming. It brought me right back to center, I got to marry HIM today. The rest of the day was a breeze, the most beautiful day.

What advice would you give any bride planning their wedding?

Honestly, I would fully recommend having a wedding coordinator. Obviously it was amazing to have you, Adair, the entire time. To fully know what was going into the wedding and what was expected.

 If that isn't possible for people to have help for the entire process, I would suggest for a planner the week of the wedding. I have told several people this and I don't think anyone realizes how much can change in such a short amount of time, a crucial time at that. The week before my wedding 4 different wedding aspects had to change. To have Adair to sort out through those issues and allow me to focus on my family meant the world. And I can't even begin to say how important it is to have a coordinator the day of the wedding. Adair kept our vision and the experience of the guests in mind when weather issue forced us to use a backup plan. {ADAIR - please insert here how badass you were/are that we moved to the downstairs, I don't have/know all of the facts}

here is where I will insert just the reader's digest version of what happened. Weather in Florida is always changing, hot, cold, windy, stagnant, rainy, sunny, muggy, hot. {yes, I know I listed hot twice}. When the weather, cold and drizzly, was effecting my Bride's plan for her perfect party, I did what I do best and acted as a bridal advocate and pressed for the best possible plan b without having to have the venue charge them for any additional fees or disrupting the reception {aka, moving tables and stuffing guests into too small of a space}. 

Here are some other highlights from Sarah & Tracy's amazing day. It really was hard to narrow it down, so I didn't. Enjoy these images as they retell the beautiful love story as only could be told by the talented hands of Liz & Mike of Finnyhill Photography. 

Flowers - Ruby Red's Floral
Caterer - The White Room
Ceremony Music - Savannah Bassett
Reception Music - Cloud 9
Photographer - FinnyHill Photography
Officiate - Remington Slone
Wedding Coordinator - Dairing Events
Hair - Chelsea Cardona (Bride Only) // Once Upon A Stylist
Videographer - Josh Puttbach
Paper Goods - Cadeau
Transportation to Venue - East Coast Limos

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