Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Michael & Kari | Engagement Session

I'm finally getting the sister I've always wanted.


She is the jelly to my brother's peanut butter and the silly friend that fits so perfectly in our world. I could not have picked a better person for my brother to spend his forever with.

Brother 'allowed' me to do a little styling for the shoot, a floral crown, bouquet from foraged blooms from the woods around our parent's property, and of course some AlleyCakes cupcakes. I had to pull back a little and not over-style their e-sesh with Ashley Steeby Photography. 

Ashley & James made their way out to the countryside, where Michael and I grew up. We could not have chosen a better location for their engagement session than our little cabin in the woods, the same cabin that my father built, and that he and I grew up in. We love that house and our farm and Kari does, too.  

Can't wait for October. 

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  1. Amazing! The teaser was beautiful! I love the complete and perfect Engagement Session. Each photo of your brother and sister you have always wanted to have was like the cupcakes and hanging fruit, Sweet and Fresh. You and Michael playing dress-up was fun, too. After all that's what baby brothers are for. Can't wait for October.