Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Gifting Guide | DIY Hot Cocoa

If you are anything like me, sometimes the holidays have a way of sneaking up. When that happens, I feel so unprepared for the gifting season and truly giving something that my friends and family will enjoy and actually use! Well look no further! 

Today's blog post is all about the perfect gift idea that works great for anyone on your list. It is a DIY Hot Cocoa on a stick that is virtually impossible to mess up and takes less than 20 minutes to whip up! To make these gifts that much more personalized and special, I worked with Ten23 Designs to create these custom winter inspired sticks! 

1. First, grab an ice cube tray. I picked up this one from Walmart and loved that it had a silicone base, it made popping the cubes of chocolate out so easy! 

Buy yours HERE

2. I chose to make a rich mix of milk & dark chocolate cube. Grab those bags of  melting chocolate wafers, follow the directions on the bag for melting. 

3. Spoon out the chocolate evenly in each of the cubes and let rest for a minute before placing in the stick or straw you want to use as the handle. This way, the chocolate has 'set' a little bit and will hold the stick in place. 

4. Once all the sticks are in place, sprinkle the top with your favorite sprinkles! I love the bright multicolor mix with red, green, blue, and white. Feel free to do whatever matches your packaging and vision! 

5. Let them rest.  I waited over night before I popped them out and began the packaging process! You want to make sure the chocolate has solidified. 

What is hot cocoa without marshmallows? Once all the cubes are popped out, I packaged each one individually and propped them up with a base of mini mallows. Just for fun I sprinkled a little more of the sprinkles in the bag so it would be colorful! Grab little cello favor bags from your local party store, matching ribbon, and voila! When you are ready to gift them, personalize it one step further by picking out the perfect holiday mug that reminds you of the person on your list and voila! So simple, not time consuming, and still makes everyone feel special this holiday season! 

Want to host your very own Cookies and Cocoa Party? Olivia Grace Paperie and I have created all these printables for you to download for FREE!! Follow this link here:

Tip for printing: These are designed in landscape format, with standard 8.5x11 Letter size cardstock paper. You can adjust your printer settings to 'landscape' to ensure the file prints correctly. To print a specific page, download the PDF and choose the page number you would like to print in your printer settings. 

Thank you to Jenn Guthrie Photography for capturing all the whimsy holiday fun! 
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