Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Dairing guide to Tipping + Gratuity

My clients always ask me a few months before their wedding, what they should expect to do when it comes to tipping! So, instead of repeating the same information every time, I though to create a post to share instead! 

In most cases, tipping vendors is not required or even expected, as it is simply a way to reward outstanding service. It is important to keep in mind that there are plenty of other ways to express your gratitude that are just as appreciated, without having to dish out more cash. An alternative or accompaniment to a monetary tip is something as simple as a handwritten note to express your thanks. Similar to this, you can email the vendor after the wedding to say the same, and/or provide feedback on websites like Yelp, WeddingWire, or Facebook. Above all, a referral of your vendors to your friends and family is always appreciated!

Whenever you do wish to tip your outstanding vendors, here is a guide that suggests how much to tip, and whether or not it is generally required: 

{with a little help from Katherine & Marc-André | photography credit: Brooke Images}

Protocol: Not Required; Gratuity is usually included in catering contracts, but if not
Amount: 15-20% of the total bill, or $20-$50 per server and $100 per chef

Protocol: Required
Amount: $50-$200 per bartender

Hair and Makeup
Protocol: Required
Amount: 15%-20%

Photography and Videography
Protocol: Not Required
Amount: $50-$200 per person

Protocol: Not Required
Amount: 10%-15%

Ceremony and Reception Staff
Protocol: Not Required
Amount: $20-$50 per staff member

Protocol: Not Required
Amount: $100
*Note: If your ceremony is at a religious establishment, this amount can be paid as a donation, and an additional $50-$100 tip can be paid directly to the officiant.

Protocol: Not Required
Amount: $25-$50 per musician

Protocol: Not Required
Amount: 15%

Protocol: Not Required
Amount: $1-$2 per car

Most importantly, don't forget about your Wedding Planner. We never expect anything, I get more out of seeing true joy in my couples than anything else. But, a handwritten note and a gift of gratitude is always accepted and is very thoughtful! 

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