Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Mother's Day Backyard Brunch

On Friday, May 12th, my mom will be going through back surgery to permanently fuse two of her lower lumbar bones. Truth be told, I have been in denial that this was happening because she is my rock, she is my mentor, and she is an incredible grandmother to my daughter. Obviously, those things won't change, but I know I am not the only child whose head spins when hit with the reality that there parents are getting older. So to continue to keep my head in the sand just a little longer and to distract us from the looming reality that is taking place in just a few days, I hosted a brunch in honor of her and some of the incredible women in my life who are also mothers for a 'woman's day' celebration. I wanted to celebrate them, what they mean to me, and how they have also touched my mother's life as well. 

Normally I am pretty good at public speaking, but when I got up to give a toast to the ladies, I didn't take into account how emotional I would get. I wanted each of them to know that if I have learned anything from my mom it is that in order to be a strong woman, you need to surround yourself with strong ones. These women in the photos are an inspiration, each have their own story, and I wish I could celebrate them every day. 

Some of my favorite elements of the brunch were the individual terracotta plates with guest names on them that I collaborated with LMS Creative Studio to create! She also hand lettered a beautiful framed sign with the quote:   "HERE'S TO STRONG WOMEN, MAY WE KNOW THEM, MAY WE RAISE THEM, MAY WE BE THEM." Which really was the inspiration for this entire celebration. I even made the sweet little vintage inspired cloth napkins! One of the details I am most proud of was the photo I had printed of each of the honored  guests and who looks up to them as their role model, their children! 

Thank you again to our incredible partners:

Jenn Guthrie Photography
Luxe Party Rentals
AlleyCakes Bakery
LMS Creative Stuido


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